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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog on Bloggers

If you ever get a chance, take a look around some of the other blogs on this website!

I'm fascinated by some of the stuff I see and read. Sometimes I'll look around for bloggers who my live here locally or in a nearby city just get their view of how they see the community or their city.

Believe or not there really are some very talented folks out there, either through their writing or their particular style of artwork and hobbies.
Some bloggers just lay it all out there! They will post daily blogs almost like a diary or some bloggers my just post a short note about what's going on in their life. Sometimes it's like reading a note stuck on a refrigerator door! 

Quite frequently you may come across an interesting name or avatar/photo and click on it only to realize they have never posted a blog. I always wonder about how someone would take the time to set-up for the blog and never post anything.
Do they get second thoughts or cold feet about writing something and delete it or never return the the blog.

Hmmm....just a thought!

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