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Friday, October 16, 2009

Facebook, MySpace...digg up ghosts from the past.

I've been on Facebook and Myspace or even some of the old social networks before these, for a while and it never seems to amaze me that at least once a month, I will received a friend request from someone I haven't seen or talked too in a very longtime. Maybe an old classmate or someone I use to hang-out with in my younger days or an old gaming buddy! Man, what a blast from the past.

When I use to belong to an online gaming clan, the DaDs Army, (which I’ve mentioned in a previous blog) there were 82 members in our group. These were guys from all over the world, the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea etc…some of them could speak better English than I could. (Without the southern draw of course! LOL) There is nothing funnier than hearing someone from Japan trying to say “y’all” I think the most astonishing thing is where most of these folks end up. One of my buddies lives in Australia now. I sometimes wonder what’s the story behind that move.

The cool thing about playing with these guys was the camaraderie and close friendships that came out of it.  Many a late night conversations were spent not just talking about the game but advise about marriages, relationships and raising kids were asked by the younger members and answering by us older members.
Anyway…the point I wanted to make is that over the years I’ve realized that the common computer has made this old world a little bit smaller. I’ve made some awesome friends online. Whether it’s playing PC or Xbox games, posting on YouTube or just blogging.

To all my old friends out there and to my new friends and even the one’s I haven’t met yet, I extend a big ol’ “Howdy”!

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