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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lead....Follow...or GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!!!!

Two words....Nashville drivers!

Where are they burying all the dead folks these days because apparently I'm getting behind every funeral procession in town, whether it's on the interstate or any side street in this town.
For anyone who just might read this, may I offer one piece of advice....if you are in the far left hand lane on just about every major interstate in this's called the "fast lane" for a reason.
If you are not doing the speed limit...or God forbid, a little faster....MOVE YOUR ASS OUT OF THE WAY!
If you are one of those drivers that really don't like driving on the interstate...DON"T!!! Please don't impede everyone else's process by doing 60 mph in the fast lane. Move over to the Granny lane and enjoy the scenery!

Point number two....traffic lights!
Unless otherwise posted or you are driving a school may turn right on red! Don't sit there like a bump on a log and wait for the traffic to turn green before you turn....can't you hear all the car horns blasting behind? Believe me, they are not honking at you to say "Hi!"
When you are at a traffic light and you are waiting to cross that intersection when the light ready to go when it finally changes....MOVE YOUR ASS! Don't cross the intersection like some chuck wagon fording a river into Comanche country! 
Pay attention to what you are doing....stop talking/texting on the cell phone, checking make-up in the rear view mirror, yelling at the kids in the back seat, laughing it up with your buddies or fiddling around with the radio/CD player....MOVE YOUR ASS!

Ok...I feel better safely! 


Top 10 Reasons You know you're a Bad Driver:

  1. you get pulled over for drunk driving and you are stone sober.

  2. people ask you about "the accident", and you reply, which one?
  3. Curb? What curb?

  4. you think red lights & stop signs are a suggestion 
  5. you see a sign that says, "Lane ends 500 FT," and you manage to drive in the lane for another 1/2 mile.
  6. the police carry separate tickets with your information filled out already.

  7. you have the policeman hold your beer while you get your license.

  8. you find yourself trying to beat that old granny before she makes it to the zebra crossing...and you always lose, but not before it's too late. 

  9. you stop on an on ramp and wait for "enough room".

  10. you tell your passenger what a good driver you are as you turn into a ditch.

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