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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A True Rambling!

I took a collective reading class in college years ago, and the instructor assigned us a lesson, write an assay on whatever came into your mind at the time.
He said…”Don’t think about it just write, you may just surprise yourself on what comes out!”
So I decide to do that last night and this is the came to me. I’ve noticed I write to poetically sometimes.


As we all traverse through this electronic cyber space, our words, our feelings, our thoughts and yes our very souls are scattered to the four cosmic winds of this universe that is every expanding with each new entry.
With this choice of words we post on the passing billboards of the internet, some are seen but most transpire with little or no notice at all.

Bloggers bare their souls in unread words to virtual blind eyes that may never see what was written. The expression lost and destined to fade with the passage of each new paragraph that is typed and entered onto the blank page.

Same will read the words of a stranger, these verses then become a part of the collective thoughts that are in our mind and into the conscientious that is who we perceive we are.

We may remember those passages but rarely confess to those we know that they are known. Some may recite them as their own or twist and change our meanings to suit their desire.

As we depart this page and react to a impulse to move on to something else. I can’t help but think of some lowly scribe centuries earlier, toiling over a manuscript thinking…

“Who will read these words…”

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