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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Death is part of life!

We have two saltwater tanks at home and my Moonbaby just called and told me our Yellow Tang isn't looking to well. It apparently had been struck in a small cave under a piece of live rock where our Purple Basslet lived.
The Basslet died yesterday.

Moonbaby gets really upset when any living thing becomes ill and dies. I can understand that because I'm the same way. We love animals and want them all to be happy and healthy.
But as I've told her several times it's part of the hobby as a aquarist, "Things happen and sometimes fish die!"
It still doesn't soften the blow of a pet you raise, feed and yes loved to pass away!
And while I'm on the subject, if you are thinking of a having fish as pets and have never had them before, please start out slowly. Begin with a small freahwater tank say, 10 gallons and try that for awhile. Slowly work your way up to a saltwater tank.
Yes, saltwater fish have a better variety of colors and fish but it is a expensive a time consuming hobby!

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