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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bring your dog to work day!

To start off, let me say that I’m really blessed. I have a job for one thing, but a job I enjoy coming to everyday.
We are a very close knit group, much like a family.
So… my boss is having a few home improvements done around his house and he didn’t want to leave his little dog at home for fear he may get into something or accidentally be let out of the house.
Anyway, he brought him down to work with him now for the last couple of weeks. His name is Chewy! He is a Dotson/miniature Pincher mix. Great little dog very friendly. Greets everyone from co-workers to customers as they arrive at our office.
There is only one problem…he farts! I’m not talking about little baby doggie poots. I’m talking about atomic clear the room, singe your eye brows and make your eyes water farts.
We call him the “crop duster”. He’ll wait until the most inopportune times to cruise the office and let one rip. I’m talking SBD (silent but deadly).
Like the other day. I’m at my desk helping a customer with an order when the little shit sneaks by my desk and fumigates my personal space and happily just trots away like nothing happens.
In a few seconds, this thick unseen cloud engulfs the customer and me to point of near suffocation. I swear to gawd if you could see this thing with infrared goggles it would have to be huge.
As our eyes got as big as half dollars, he looks at me as I look at him and I said “It’s the dog, I swear, it’s the dog, man!”
He turns around and looks behind him as he is waving his hands around his nose like he was swatting at invisible flies. He says, “What dog?”
I ran to the restroom and grabbed the nearest can of Lysol I could find and sprayed the office until it was at least livable again.
I thought this customer is never, ever going to let me live this down! I will be forever more known as “stinky” to him!
Later that day as we got busy, I heard my boss proclaim, “Ah Chewy!”
He apparently left him a little present in his office!

Payback is a bitch!

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