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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Evolution Of A mmo Player

I’ve been a gamer since the early days of Atari and Pong (if you know what that is then you’re an old fart like myself LOL)
I’ve owned most of the major brands of console systems like the original Nintendo and the 64, the Sega Genesis, Playstation one and two, XBoX and 360…you get the idea.
I bought my first PC in 1990, back then gaming was limited to just 2-D. Basically the game scrolled side to side or front to back and still animations as you process through the game.
I mainly played the console games through the early 90’s until I discover online multi-player games. WOW…talk about a whole new world opening up for me.
My first real experience in the multi-player genre of gaming was with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It was released in January 2002.
You could literally play up to 64 players at once in the game. I played this game every chance I got. I’m talking every waking moment at my PC playing this game.
In March of that year I was asked to join my first clan. The DaDs Army!
My call game tag was Papa Boon. I was in the original “Terrifying Twenty”. The camaraderie was amazing. It really is hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself.  
The link below is an interview from Electronic Arts with one of the co-founders, Daddy Warbucks! 
I was with this clan for almost four years before several members, including myself, left and started our own clan, The Men of Honor or MOH. My game tag is Boon.
But alas, as games evolve and players come and go. The atmosphere of all clans change. Games become outdated and stale. New games come along and clans begin to fragment.
I’m still listed on the roster but I haven’t played with those guys in almost a year.

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